Immersive software that helps you put thoughts and feelings into pictures.

Using a PC, laptop or tablet you enter a secure, virtual landscape. ProReal’s immersive platform allows you to create a visual representation of how you experience a situation, enabling you to explore different perspectives, visualise futures and solve problems. There, you are able to manipulate avatars and props to create visual representations of real-world scenarios.

You will experience increased self-awareness and rapid empathy-building, leading to improved self-awareness and understanding. Costs can be reduced as the use of ProReal enables faster and more effective change and communication as well as. The use of ProReal is associated with significant reductions in stress in counselling settings.

ProReal is currently being used by a wide range of clients in corporate, social and health-care and education settings.

Watch this demonstration video:

ProReal – The Story to Tell

For more information about how ProReal is used in Health and Social Care, read here.