Have you broken any of your New Year resolutions yet? I haven’t! Ner ner ni ner ner! I used to make them but it became so depressing. First there were so many I could make and then there were the shoulds, musts, oughts and got tos which are so parental and non-pc (Person-centred) which went along with them. So they were doomed to failure from the start. Nowadays I’m aware of the behaviour patterns which I would like to change in my life (there are probably a few more that others wish I would change) and it is up to me if I make them. So, I know I have a choice. I could choose to make a change or I could choose not to. The question is “What’s in my best interest?” If I think it is in my best interest to change I’ll endeavour to do so but, being human it’s not certain that I will. But, if I don’t make a change, at least I won’t have the guilt of having failed because I will have chosen not to change.