I may well be setting myself up for failure as I’ve begun to write a blog which means I shall need to write on a fairly regular basis and as, in the past, I have tended to start something and then not complete it. I am hoping that will not be the case with this. So here goes –

That mumbling is perhaps not a bad place to start. As a counsellor, like other counsellors, I am human. I am not completely ‘sorted’ and I accept that I never will be. There will always be aspects of my life where positive adjustments and changes can be made. We may have addressed Issues previously but sometimes it may be helpful to look at them again. We will have a different perspective and may recognise further changes we could make. So, I’m reviewing my tendency to start something and not complete it. A question I asked myself is ‘will completing this task be in my best interest?’ I believe it will and that is why I am choosing to do it. I’m not an altruist (I don’t believe anyone is but I’ll leave that one for another day) as not only will I be writing down my thoughts and opinions (a useful ‘tool’ in therapy for recognising previously unconscious thoughts and feelings) I will be exposing them to whoever wishes to read them. As a result I may receive both positive and negative feedback and consequently I will learn something about ‘me’. To ignore any comment would make the blog meaningless and would be dismissive of those who took the trouble to respond.

I am already intrigued as to what the reaction of others will be and also what my reaction will be to any response. It already feels a little scary. And that is not a bad thing. Any new venture we begin is a step into the unknown. There will be new discoveries and experiences so being a bit nervous is understandable. It’s OK to feel scared. I need to be kind and understanding to myself.

I have started ……………… so I’ll finish. We shall see. However, it occurs to me that it will finish when I’m finished. If my blog were to come to a sudden end regular readers may conclude that the blog has disappeared down a Black Hole or that I too have come to a sudden end and that could mean different things. We’ll have to leave that one until later also.