Face-to-Face Counselling

Contact me by phone, text or email to make an appointment. Alternatively complete the Intake Form here.

Telephone (Skype) Counselling

Safe, secure confidential telephone counselling. Phone, text or email me for details. If you are not already on Skype, it is very easy to set up (log on at http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/home) and it is free to set up and free to call others who are on Skype.

Workplace Counselling

I work within businesses or with employees at my counselling practice. Rates for this work are negotiated.


For more information please see the ProReal page.

Email Counselling – eCounselling

Safe and secure counselling in encrypted emails via Hushmail.com

No matter what the issue online counselling is a great way to work. If you’d like to try online counselling the first thing you will need to do is to set up a free encrypted email account with hushmail.com. This address will be different from your personal email address and so together with the fact that messages are encrypted will ensure privacy in our communications. Complete the Intake Form and then send your first email to me at gtcecounselling@hush.com. Use no more than 800 words to tell me about your current issue(s) and I will respond within 48 hours.

If you wish to continue I would be grateful if you would complete and submit the Intake Form (this confirms that you agree with the terms of agreement) make your payment by PayPal and send your second email. I will respond once I have confirmation from PayPal that the money has been received.

We can continue exchanging emails in this way until you are satisfied with what you have achieved. My goal is for you to empower yourself to make the right choices in your life – sometimes that can be accomplished in a few exchanges!

Couples’ therapy may also utilise email exchanges. After your initial email each partner takes their turn emailing me. I will respond to each partner addressing the concerns expressed. Email exchanges continue in this manner with the goal of achieving understanding between the partners.

The beauty of email therapy is that it can be as short or as enduring as you would wish. As we address issues you may decide you want to “go deeper” and we can quite easily do that. The point is – you are in control – I work to your agenda. If one email gives you the information you need to resolve the presenting problem that is great! If you find you want more exchanges we can continue until you choose to end the process.


Phone me on 01562 852 145 or 07949 326 972 (Confidential voice mail for messages to be left) or email gtcox@gtccounselling.co.uk to arrange your first appointment.


Set up your Hushmail account and send me your first message to gtcecounselling@hush.com. Within 72 hours you will receive your first response. Do not send any money unless you send a second message.

All payments for online counselling sessions are to be made by PayPal.

Type of Session Cost Payment Options
Face-to-Face Counselling Session for Individuals Cookley office (Max 60 minutes) £50.00 To be paid at the session
Face-to-Face Counselling Session for Couples Cookley office (Max 60 minutes) £70.00 To be paid at the session
Concessions will be made if five or more sessions are paid for in advance . A refund will be made if not all sessions are taken.
Telephone Session on Skype or Landline (Max 60 minutes) for Individuals £50.00 per call
Telephone Session on Skype or Landline (Max 60 minutes) for Couples £70.00 per call
Therapeutic Email Exchange £50.00 per exchange
Therapeutic Email Exchange – 3 emails @ £50.00 to be completed within 1 month £140.00
Therapeutic Email Exchange – 5 emails @ £50.00 to be completed within 2 months £240.00
ProReal Fee – Special Introductory Offer! £40.00