This poem was “previously published as a Poetry on Loan postcard”. “Poetry on Loan is an Arts Council funded organisation whose purpose is to promote contemporary poetry through public libraries in the West Midlands.”

Feeling Low?

Breathe in. Create a snapshot; visualise
the faces of those people who have said
Chin up, it could be worse. Include in shot
the Cheer up! It might never happen lot,

those who know exactly what you need and,
of course, the pull yourself together team.
Bring into frame the smiling kindly crew
who mention people far worse off than you.

Zoom out to show all heads impaled on spikes
(a little way outside the city walls).
Add crows to peck at eyes – should people doubt
the depth and darkness of your mood. Now smile.
Breathe out.

Emma Purshouse 2011

You might also choose to see a counsellor!
Emma is a very good friend and obviously a very talented poet.