Couples’ Counselling

Face to face counselling for couples and individuals at any stage of a relationship. Whether you are:

  • Contemplating a relationship
  • Are already in one but are experiencing difficulties whatever the causes
  • Are contemplating leaving a relationship
  • Experiencing difficulties because you have re-married
  • Experiencing difficulties with your relationship with step-children
  • Experiencing difficulties because you have been isolated from your own children
  • In a heterosexual or same sex relationship

I offer an empathic, safe and nurturing environment for you to explore and, hopefully, discover your own best solutions to your situation.
I can assist in determining the cause of relationship disturbances whether they are as a result of:

  • Uncertainties about living together
  • The arrival of your first baby
  • ‘Growing apart’
  • Conflicts with relatives and/or ‘in-laws’
  • Differing values
  • Differing expectations
  • Employment difficulties
  • A bereavement
  • Factors so far unknown

I am also a Prepare-Enrich practitioner (see

Whether you are contemplating marriage, are about to move in with someone or have been in a relationship/marriage for a long period Prepare/Enrich inventories are designed to help you assess your relationship and include exercises to encourage you to explore together how to develop stronger communication and problem solving skills.

The inventories are geared towards:

  • Picking up those essential elements of your relationship as it now is
  • Developing a deeper understanding of each other
  • Offering feedback which provides a structure for moving forward