Executive and Life Coaching

  • Are you frustrated at work or just with life in general?
  • Are you frustrated that your potential isn’t being recognised at work?
  • Are you contemplating seeking promotion but can’t decide whether to or not?
  • Are you contemplating applying for another job but are undecided whether to or not?
  • Are you experiencing difficult relationships with work colleagues, superiors, friends, family or partner?
  • Do you think life would be so much better for you if only the other(s) would change?
  • Maybe you have a problem at work which isn’t listed above.

I will probably know little or nothing about your specific line of work but as a counsellor with some twenty years experience working with people of all ages, I have encountered a great variety of issues which disturb people whether at work, or in life in general. In the last four years I have also coached a range of people in business. I appreciate the essential requirement to resolving issues is to increase self awareness and understanding.

Having an appreciation of why you think and/or behave as you do, and as a consequence being aware of the choices available to you, opens up the possibility of change. No one has to do anything, not even pay taxes. Making informed choices depends upon what you consider is in your best interest. Sounds selfish? Yes it is, but not in the greedy sense. If you don’t act in your own best interest no one else can do it for you. Arriving at a position which you know is in your best interest (which requires consideration of what you say or do affects others) is another consequence of knowing yourself. This is not a new phenomenon but one prescribed in 4th century BC by Socrates – simply, ‘Know thyself’. In effect achieving self actualisation and autonomy.

There are no ‘quick fixes’, only the necessity to spend time reflecting on your life experiences and how they were managed. It is this which provides understanding. The process requires honesty with ‘self’ and being able to acknowledge the choices made which weren’t in your best interest. It is even more important to have an understanding of why those choices were made and to recognise what has been learned through those experiences which you would otherwise not have learned. You may then consider how you would choose do things differently if you were faced with the same issue.

There’s no magic potion, no clever technique and it’s not rocket science. It’s just needs the courage to be truly honest with yourself – and your coach!

So, if you are wishing to:

  • improve your self esteem
  • improve your relationship with others
  • improve your communication skills
  • boost your, and perhaps your team’s, performance
  • improve your leadership skills
  • nurture and retain successful teams and employees
  • prepare yourself for promotion or a new job
  • have a happier, less stressful life

What are you waiting for? What’s in your best interest?

We can meet either face to face or online via Skype, or WhatsApp (with or without video) or the virtual world of ProReal.

Here are some comments of some who have experienced coaching using ProReal.

  • The immersive nature of the software far exceeded my expectations. It did not feel at all geeky and I almost forgot it was technology by the end.
  • I really appreciated it and it helped me to take a step back and address some critical issues.
  • It made me think back about what I need to address going forward, and to be able to articulate it into logical steps… Very satisfied.
  • It was a great experience. Coaching is very helpful.

Fees are negotiable. You can contract for a specific number of sessions – in which case the cost per session is reduced if paid for in advance – or pay for each one separately. If, having paid for a number of sessions in advance, you choose to no longer continue, the fee for those not taken will be refunded.