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Geoff T Cox MA MBACP (Accred)

Face-to-Face and Online Counselling

Call me now for a free initial consultation on 01562 852 145 or 07949 326 972 or email me at info@gtccounselling.co.uk

Welcome to my counselling webpage.

I wonder what brought you here?

Geoff T CoxAre you looking to find someone to talk to about a personal issue which is causing you concern?

Maybe you have previous experience of counselling, or maybe not. It doesn’t matter. It would seem that you have decided that whatever is disturbing you it is not something which you can resolve on your own.

Family and friends can be helpful but there are situations when it is beneficial to discuss your problems with someone who is impartial, isn’t emotionally involved and who doesn’t know anything about you except what you tell them. This is just one reason why counselling is effective.

I am a person-centred* counsellor working both face-to-face and online. If you live in the West Midlands/Worcestershire area you may wish to make an appointment with me at my counselling room near Kidderminster.

If you don’t live nearby, you may prefer to meet me online. Online counselling is conducted via Hushmail encrypted emails at gtcecounselling@hush.com. Hushmail is a free encrypted service. It ensures confidentiality in email exchanges and allows you to keep our messages in a secure place, safe from anyone who uses the same computer. Or you may wish to use Skype either with or without video. Both can be as effective as face to face counselling.

Whatever issue is affecting you, you may wish to discuss it in complete confidence with a professional listener. As a person-centred counsellor I believe that each of us has all the answers we are seeking within our self – we may just need someone who is skilled, not emotionally involved and who knows nothing about us to help discover them.

I work with adults (including couples) and young people.

In addition to working with clients of all ages who have issues they wish to resolve I also enjoy working with those seeking greater self-awareness and personal development.

About Geoff

I am a former teacher with thirty years experience in secondary schools. My own experiences as a client of individual and group therapy together with experiential therapeutic courses have led me to a deep understanding of the cathartic and long-term beneficial effects counselling can have.

I gained my first counselling qualification in 1993 and have since worked privately and in commercial and voluntary agencies dealing with a wide variety of issues. In addition to my private practice, I have worked as a telephone counsellor for an Employee Assistance Provider again dealing with a wide variety of clients and issues and in schools counselling students.

I have trained as a trainer of therapeutic group leaders and as a supervisor of bereavement counsellors.

In addition to regularly engaging in my own continued personal therapy I have taken part in further training in specialist areas including bereavement counselling and counselling young people.

 I have a Master’s degree in counselling and have trained and qualified as an online counsellor.

I believe that my life and work experiences and my training have enabled me to develop deep understanding, empathy and the expertise to enable clients who seek a more fulfilling life to empower themselves.

As a result of my own experience of ME I also have an understanding of, and am able to work with, those who have a long-term or chronic illness.

I enjoy working with clients of all ages who have issues they wish to resolve or with those seeking greater self-awareness and personal development.

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